5 Awesome Home Jobs for Mums without College Degree

Everybody is talented in their own way. Sometimes life gives you different experiences that cannot be gained by attending classes or going to college. Being a mother enriches the woman in so many different ways. It teaches her flexibility, multitasking, handling stress, organizing, and self management. These skills enable mothers to work in many jobs from home that require their new skills rather than a special education.


Below are some of those jobs:


  1. Phone Interviewer: This job requires someone who is has good interpersonal skills and people’s skills. The only trick is to be able to find a quiet place in order to conduct the interviews in a professional manner.
  2. Virtual Assistant: This is a part-time and freelance position that suits an out-going and self-motivated personality. It requires good computer skills in some softwares such as: G-suite, Facebook, and Microsoft Excel.
  3. Sales Representative: This is a fun job for a mum with good sales skills. It requires a set up of having a home office to make the phone calls in private.
  4. Customer Service: A positive and patient personality is best fit for this job. The job requires resolving routine customer problems from home setting.
  5. Social Media Expert: This is an excellent opportunity for mothers who already have experience in social media even by just using it for personal posts. There are a lot of free online courses that give enough information in order to learn these skills in a business manner.


Thankfully with today’s technology, being a full-time mum doesn’t mean that the woman has to be completely out of the work loop. There are many jobs that she can do from home at her own ease without being away from her children. It only requires planning and dedication.


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